About Me

MeGreat to meet you. I’m Lyn Cherriman and this is my granddaughter Layla


Just a few years ago, I would not have believed you if you told me I would be involved in network marketing.

I first tried out network marketing in a health and wellness company about 10 years ago, which I failed miserably, mainly due to believing I did not have to put the hours and effort in to make it pay, when I was only making a very small amount per month (talking about enough only for a cup of coffee per week) I lost interest.  This time I did some homework and found a business that was not selling products and treated it like a business not a hobby.  It is the best move I have done,  regretting I didn’t commence earlier, when I first commenced I reduced my hours from 40hrs per week to 24hrs per week, and retired from the work force just a few months ago.

I have a ready made residual income to pass onto my children and grandchildren when I am ready to retire.

It’s easy to get seduced into the idea of taking action someday and never make a move but you need to take that first step into the unknown to make any progress. Simply committing to a plan of action and sticking to it everyday is a great start. Never give up – no matter what happens.  Success is usually closer than you think. Sometimes its just around the corner.  If you give up on your dreams you will never succeed.

Attached family photos from some of my holidays we enjoyed together

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